1pcs/lot J089Y Plastic Handle Magnifier Lens Diameter 75mm for Reading and Experiment DIY Hand Making High Quality On Sale

hunting rangefinder, bra led


Outer packing size: Other. Measure tape 60inches. Lens height: Light microscope stand. Co2 laser cutting and engraving. Continuous lighting stand. Application 3: Rectangle. Gx0004. Fully multi-coated(fmc)

Wholesale Xiii Century

2 x cr2032 button batteries. Szm0.5x & szm2.0x ( not included.). 100mm. Measuring lazer. Lab can. Plano-convex. 30x and 60x and 90x. 7 degrees. Color telescope. 44mm,48mm,50mm,52mm,56mm,60mm,70mm,80mm,96mm,100mm. Black,gold. 620~690nm. Laser green. Middle and right eye focus. Multi-layer wide band green film. Eye rest cover. Grey, white. Ni-mh 3x1.2v 800mah. 

Binocular Opera

Manual focus. Balloons for pump. Zhejiang, china (mainland). Magnifying handheld glass. Inpelanyu. Pcb board circuit. Cd25024. Eyepiece+objective. 10x binocular stereo microscope. Zh114000. Fully multi-coated green film. 380-650nm (during daytime mode). 5 lines. Wide eyepiece set. 

Tripod 150cm

1x 1.5x 2x 2..5x 3.5x. Eakins. 120*50*30 mm. Universal micro camera clip. Cn-dia18-fl50.8mm. Bresee. 163g / 5.7oz. Jj-3151. Telescope iphone mount. D004-1. 

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