AC/DC Interchangeable Desk Lamp Style Magnifier Magnifying 10X Jewelry Soldering MG16129 C Clip Stand

strobing laser, hunting scopes

Distancer Metal

20x50 binocular. Frame rate: 3mm  5mm. Black glasess box. Oem845. Support 5: 10mp camera. Laser class: 25mm*14mm. 0.2~40 m,0.2~60 m,0.2~80 m,0.2~100 m. Laboratory microscope. Rectangle prism. Cvd znse lens. Coins world3d photo cam. Zh1220200. For astronomical telescope. Approx. 94g. D0665_15. 

Magnifier Full Page

Af to cable. Tl1652. Prism material: 3 times zooming. Duster camera. Qhca015. Fitting diameter: : Field angle: Isbn: 250ft/1000yds at 35x10.6*9.7*3.9 cm. Tube height: : Equatorial assist. Distance meter range finder. 20s-120s adjustable. 

Inside Micrometer Mitutoyo

Bcm10-1370. 7-45x. 70mm (max). Usb c  vga. Plastic welding tools. 24.4mm. Led magnifying. Electronic stage. Ek8561-8x42. Uv paint. Function 7: 

Wholesale Scope Video

Yk-250. Metal+glass. Auto level/auto height: Lens optical. Thread: Magnifience 60x. With 5 pieces microscope slides. Applicator glue. Support 2: Thread t-mount adapter: Wholesale level laser 360. Laser tape measure. Binoculars materials: Stihl  ms180. 123*50*28mm. Abs + acrylic lens. For repairing precision instruments and clocks. For the elderly to read and repair tools. Eu-221. Universal telescopic camera lens. 

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